20 September 2015

Elemental Symbolism 103 - Interrupted.

Viagra spokeswoman says "Watching football together is great. But, I think women will agree, cuddling with their man after the game is nice too".

Next lesson was to have been a much more exact paraphase of the earlier Oxford Press post - "Every convex object a penis and a vagina in every concave one." Next lesson would have suggested that "Every point (aka dot, spot, bindi) and every pointing is a penis.  Every wrap (aka strips, straps, ropes and ribbons) and every wrapping is a vulva".  

As wanderers of this blog's curiosities re: Asherahs and Maypoles have read repeatedly - it is our considered opinion that all games of "sport" are largely ritualized acts of coitus. Or perhaps, more correctly, socially sanctioned and "sanitized" acts of coitus. That is, two opposing tribes attempt to move a seed-like object through to its respective gate or into a net or a basket or some other kind of receiving "goal".   To which we have commented, "Skip the game, skip the curious millions of $$$ paid to the ersatz, and so-called, "players" - because the only real game is the brave man and woman who fearlessly run, no, race, to the nearest hotel room."  But, per Jung, you knew this already.  

Not a TV watcher, I accidentally saw this most remarkable advertisement above. This kind woman, gentlemen, is the intended receiving goal - and she brought her own seed-like object to the game. Pfizer suggests you too bring along a seed-like object.

(At some future timeout, we will resume the point and wrap discourse - hint: "Stars and Strips Forever" and similar. Oh, yes, we will again, and already have, raised the importance of  the "P" and "V" alliteration. Only the lexic will miss the visual shapes of the letter "P" (penis, point) and the letter "V" (vulva, virgin, vagina) or the kinky double VV (wrap, wrapping) - such and more will be "wrapped up" in Elemental Symbolism lesson, about, #132.)

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