26 May 2013

The Canon of Desiderius Lenz

Beuronese image, left, may sum up this entire blogged effort - boy meets girl with trusty serpent in tow, coital Asherah/May pole inclusive - all resplendent in 3D Fibonacci sequences.
        Notes: Best and maybe only (english) book on Desiderius Lenz and the Beuron art movement (wikilinks) is The Aesthetics of Beuron directly from publisher, Francis Boutle for $20ish. (Amazon is down to $146.)  David Clayton's Way of Beauty pages about the Beuronese School are linked here. Links also to works located at the Abbey of St. Hildegard and in our own Conception Abbey in Conception, Missouri. (The former's website features very, VERY low res images and the latter's images are curiously hidden down below a long bit of scrolling/strolling past an ascii image lists before discovering the image - ah, those contemplative arts.)

Pater Desiderius Lenz's chalice at right, again a sexual nexus as the earlier Tantric Yantra and the more recent Star of Solomon is self realised only now-ish (2010).


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