06 June 2009

Project Book Listing with Amazon/Abebooks Links

Purchases made through these links support this blog and slog effort. Both Amazon and Abebooks offer new books, but Abebooks offers more extensive access to rare and used books - some listed here might be a bit arcane. Kindly suggest additions.

    Abbot, Elizabeth A History of Celibacy Da Capo Press (2001) ISBN:0306810417
    Angier, Natalie Woman: An Intimate Geography Anchor (2000) ISBN:0385498411
    Bettelheim, Bruno Symbolic Wounds, Puberty Rites and the Envious Male Collier Books (1962)
    Bishop, Clifford Sex and Spirituality: Ecstacy, Ritual and TabooDuncan Baird Publishers (2004) ISBN:1844830187
    Blackledge, Catherine The Story of V: Opening Pandora's BoxPhoenix Paper (2004) ISBN:0753817764
    Blank,Joani FemaliaDown There Press (1993) ISBN:0940208156
    Briffault, Robert “ The Mothers; A Study of the Origins of Sentiments and Institutions original 3 vols: 1927) Paper abridged edition: The Kessinger Publishing(2004) ISBN:076618692X; Hard: Howard Fertig(1993) ISBN:0865273987
    Brown, Norman Oliver Love's BodyUniversity of California Press; a reissue of 1966 edition (1990) ISBN:0520071069
    Camphausen, Rufus The Encyclopedia of Sacred Sexuality : From Aphrodisiacs to Yoni Worship and Zap-Lam YogaInner Traditions (1999) ISBN:0892817194
    Camphausen, Rufus The Yoni: Sacred Symbol of Female Creative PowerInner Traditions (1996) ISBN:0892815620
    Cattrall and Levinson Satisfaction: The Art of the Female OrgasmWarner Books (2002) ISBN:0446530719
    Chalker, Rebecca The Clitoral Truth: The Secret World At Your FingertipsSeven Stories Press; ASIN:0965172597
    Clare, Daniel Odier Desire: The Tantric Path to AwakeningInner Traditions (2001) ISBN:0892818581
    Corinne, Tee Cunt Coloring BookLast Gasp Press (1988) ISBN:0867193719
    Danielou, Alain The Phallus: Sacred Symbol of Male Creative PowerInner Traditions (1995) ISBN:0892815566
    Dijkstra, Bram Idols of Perversity: Fantasies of Feminine Evil in Fin-de-Siecle CultureOxford University Press (1988) ISBN:0195056523
    Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism (Vol 1) editor, Beverly Moon Shambhala 1997 ISBN:1570622507 An Encyclopedia of Archetypal Symbolism: The Body (Vol 2)editor, George Elder Shambhala 1996 ISBN:1570620962
    Fletcher, Alan The Art of Looking SidewaysPhaidon Press 2001 ISBN:0714834491
    Fontenrose, Joseph Python: A Study of the Delphic Myth and Its Origin University of California Press 1959 (Reprint 1980 ISBN:0520040910)
    Frazer, Sir James George “Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion” Kessinger Publishing Kessinger Publishing(reprint: 1927 edition, 732 pgs. 2003) ISBN:0766158128; abridged: The Touchstone Books(1996) ISBN:0684826305
    Friedman, David A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the PenisPenguin (2003) ISBN:0142002593
    Giedion, Siegfried, The Eternal Present (2 volumes) Volume I The Beginnings of Art; Volume II The Beginnings of Architecture Pantheon New York 1962
    Gimbutas, Marija The Language of the GoddessThames & Hudson (2001) ISBN:0500282498
    Gimbutas, Marija The Civilization of the Goddess: The World of Old EuropeHarperCollins Publishers 1994 ISBN:0062508040
    Graves, Robert The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic MythFarrar, Straus and Giroux; (1966) ISBN:0374504938
    Graves, Robert and Raphael Patai Hebrew Myths Paper: Anchor 1989 ISBN:0385263309 Out of print Hard: The Carcanet Press Ltd.2005 ISBN:185754661X
    Jaynes, Julian The Origin of Consciouness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral MindMariner Books 1990 ISBN:0395563526
    Mann, A. T. Sacred SexualityVega (2003) ISBN:1843335832
    Merritt, Natacha Digital DiariesTaschen (2000) ISBN: 382286398X
    Miles, Margaret R. Carnal Knowing: Female Nakedness & Religious Meaning in the Christian WestVintage 1991 ISBN:0679734015
    Neret, Gilles PussycatsTaschen America (2003) ISBN:3822824607
    Neumann, Erich The Great MotherBollingen (1972) ISBN:0691017808
    Newman, Barbara From Virile Woman to WomanChrist: Studies in Medieval Religion and Literature (The Middle Ages Series)
University of Pennsylvania Press 1995 ISBN0812215451
    Patai, Raphel “Man and Temple” Ktav 1947
    Ridley, Matt The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human NaturePerennial (2003) ISBN: 0060556579
    Shlain, Leonard Sex, Time and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human EvolutionViking Press; (2003) ISBN:0670032336
    Shlain, Leonard The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and ImageArkana (1999) ISBN:0140196013
    Stevens, John The Cosmic Embrace: An Illustrated Guide to Sacred SexShambhala (1999) ASIN:1570621713
    Squiers, Jennifer Pearson Peek : Photographs from the Kinsey InstituteArena Editions 2000 ISBN1892041359
    Thompson, William The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light: Mythology, Sexuality and the Origins of CultureMacmillan (1996) ISBN: 0312160623
    Twain, MarkLetters from the Earth: Uncensored Writings (Perennial Classics)especially Letter 8, originally published in 1963; Perennial (2004) ISBN:0060518650
    Vermaseren, Maarten Cybele and Attis Thames and Hudson, 1977 ISBN:0500250545
    Walker, Barbara G. The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and SecretsHarperSanFrancisco (1983) ISBN:006250925X
    Warner, Marina Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin MaryVintage (1976) ISBN:0394711556
    White, David Gordon Kiss of the YoginiUniversity Of Chicago Press (2003) ISBN:0226894835
    Wolkstein and Kramer Inanna, Queen of Heaven and EarthPerennial (1983) ISBN:0060908548


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