30 January 2011

Hong Kong "Maypole"

HS- Thank you for your help.  I walked to Central this morning from my hotel in Waichai to the Hong Kong Book Center on Des Voeux Rd (apparently related to Swindon Books, Kowloon, which I know from earlier visits) and there purchased a book on bronze age Rock Carvings in Hong Kong by Wm. Meacham.  His book mentioned this "Lover's Stone" located in Waichai, about midway on Bowens Road and, conveniently, above my hotel. I walked there by showing the picture in the book and asking people "where is this?" - five highway workers, two policeman and one jogger later, I found it.

The author says that this rock is a folk shrine popular with "women seeking a husband, childless couples and old women desirous of grand children".  I think it is fairly obvious what this "Lover's Stone" reminds Grandmother about.  I think many of the amazing Hong Kong office buildings in the background pretty much tell the same story. In any case, it was a perfect Hong Kong day for me.  Thanks for the encouragement.   -Gary


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