25 August 2013

Phoebe Anna Traquair, Irish Seer

From Mela Muter's lovely "Art Incunnu" efforts- "Phoebe Anna Traquair was an Irish artist who rose to prominence in Edinburgh and went on to produce a staggering volume of work. She was part of the Arts and Crafts movements in Scotland and worked in a number of disciplines including embroidery, jewellery making and metal work, painting, illustration and book design. She painted vast murals in several buildings including the Catholic Apostolic Church and the chapel of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, both in Edinburgh. Notably, she illuminated the book "Sonnets from the Portuguese" by the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but she is probably best known today for her exquisite embroidered panels and drapes, one of the most spectacular of which "Salvation of Mankind" (left) in City Centre Gallery, Edinburgh. Traquair is a unique figure in both British Art and the Arts and Crafts movement, and she has been identified as the first significant professional woman artist in modern Scotland." Read and see more. . .
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From Elizabeth Cumming's 2005 book on Traquair, page 47 "This keenness for perfection also reflected in [Phoebe Traquair's] reading of Walter Pater. . .that 'not the fruit of experience, but experience itself, is the end'."

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