21 May 2010

Ruth Cozen Snyder and "Maypoles"

Ruth- Thank you for a lovely and unexpected Mayday morning!  Such a lovely body (pun) of work.  And, as you mentioned, inspired by the maypole motif.  And thank you for the instruction to find the living  Maypole just down the street on Sunset Blvd. (photo below).  Unbelievable!

Here are some links for your granddaughter to show to her that yours is a 13,000 year old oeuvre:
13,000 year old Maypoles- click to enlarge photos - reindeer head on left, read commentary.
Egyptian Maypoles-
TODAY's most famous Maypole- (how be it upsidedown in this image) and its related historical "Phi" symbols - set one, set two (The "Phi" symbol also denotes the Golden Ratio of 1.61803398874989)
Chinese Maypoles-
Schuster's Maypoles-
Advanced Maypoles-
Cowboy Maypoles-
Islamic Maypoles-
Christian Maypoles-
My Maypoles-


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