19 November 2006

"Sacred vessels" ATOP Posts, Page 13

Related cartoon from the future (March 2007) by Mark Stivers.

Sacred, profane or mundane? The good Frater Holme's raison d’être is to demonstrate that "sacred" symbols percolate into [and out of] mundane and profane everyday objects.

So, top photo, yet another visual simile for your consideration - India's ancient sacred "Post/Vessel" Yonilingam with androgynous serpent, left, and on the right, a Supermarket version? For an explaination of this coital iconograph of Shiva's phallus and Pavarti's vulva, see Yonilingam basics with other reference images here.

Here, a recently discovered commercial iteration  in the middle bars of our visual harmonic- to demonstrate that, indeed, popular culture continually extrudes the mythic!

Other visual affinities within this project: The Bucranium (Sacred Ox Head) and the Crucifix below, and the even more frightening Madonna Code.

1 comment:

Mark Stivers said...

I'm very flattered! I like this cartoon myself and am happy you saw so much in it.


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